Focused on technical support

We know it can be done better!
Experienced team
Our team serviced over 140 models of printers in over 22 countries of the world.
Original Spare Parts
With close cooperation with equipment manufacturers and official resellers, we are able to provide original spare parts for printers.
We are resolving print quality problems through ink optimization, calibration and ink conversion solutions.
Open for cooperation
We are open for cooperation and consulting in area of wide format digital printing.
Servis štampača

Printer Service

We are offering repair service and regular maintenance for popular models of wide format printers.

We are offering maintenance of main printing brands like Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and others. Resolving mechanical, electrical and ink supply and other print output quality related issues.

Regular maintenance

With pre-planned time for maintenance you avoid unintentional disruptions in production.

Timely equipment diagnostics and maintenance of consumable parts reduces chance of damage of more expensive machine parts. Print production disruption is loss of profit.

Redovno održavanje

Printer Installation

We are providing support in first steps of digital printing according to proven guided procedures.

Installations of wide format printers according to factory approved procedures and initial printer settings. We also provide management between hardware and software settings.

Printer Calibration

Most of printing shops in our area do not use any kind of color management for specific printer, media and ink combination.

Results are colors that do not match the client requirements and do not match the colors of the original file.

Kalibracija štampača


Only professionally trained operators can reach maximum quality out of production equipment and ensure safe and correct use.

We are providing training for printers, RIP software, user’s daily maintenance guides and production recommendations that are best fit for your production needs.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Together we create better world of printing

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